Frequently Asked Questions


How does Cross My Art decide what art classes to offer?

All Cross My Art instructors are artists who volunteer their time to teach. We base the art offered and the time frame of the classes around the interest and availability of the instructors who volunteer.


Is Cross My Art for kids or adults?

Yes. We have opportunities for both. Classes typically give an age range for whom the class is appropriate. That’s for the sake of the safety and enjoyment of all those participating. 


If I have an artistic talent I’d like to volunteer, what should I do?

We have a volunteer section on this website. Simply let us know your skill, background, what, and why you’d like to teach. Our Cross My Art leadership team will discuss the possibility, the interest there may be in such a class, and get in touch with you. 


I’ve volunteered, does that mean I will be asked to teach?

Our Cross My Art team reserves the right to make decisions about who teaches, what is taught, and which classes are offered. We truly appreciate your interested and your offer. 


Does Cross My Art offer private group classes?

Cross My Art is always interested in creating a class that fits the needs of your group. If you are interested in a private group class, contact Cross My Art and we can start scheduling a class that works for you. 

Why does my charge receipt say Holy Cross Lutheran Church and not Cross My Art?

Currently Cross My Art is not its own 501c3 Non-Profit, but is a ministry of Holy Cross Lutheran Church; although the intent is for Cross My Art to launch as its own entity in the future. 


What if I have an idea for a class I’d like to take?

Feel free to let us know any ideas you have. If we find an instructor willing to volunteer to teach and enough interest we will happily organize a class. 


I don’t know much about faith or Christianity, can I still volunteer to teach with Cross My Art?

Cross My Art’ mission is to be a fine arts provider of the community and for the community, In keeping with this we welcome even those with little faith experience to volunteer with Cross My Art. We do include a Christ-Centered faith lesson about Jesus with every art lesson so as long as you are agreeable to a member of our team doing that as part of the class, we welcome you to volunteer. 


I own or have connections to management of a restaurant or venue in Spokane that would like to host art classes; is that possible?

Yes, we like to expand our art class offerings into the community. Please let us know your interest on the volunteer section of this site. Again, the possibility is based on the availability of our volunteer instructors but we would love to talk to you more about it. 


What if my question wasn't answered?

Please contact Cross My Art with any additional questions questions you might have. You can email, call, or message us on facebook.