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Tim Rossow

I have been drawing since I was 3-4 years old. I remember copying the pictures of the cats from the encyclopedia.

I grew up in rural Iowa and we had an excellent art program and instructors in junior high and high school. Those instructors introduced me to the mysterious medium of watercolor and I have been painting ever since.

I paint the world as I see it with some fine tuning of color and layout. God has given us so much beauty to see. I live on the Pacific ocean in Washington and have all the natural inspiration one could hope for.

This is my second year teaching at the art academy. Sometimes I think I enjoy teaching even more than painting.


Heather Selset

Heather Selset received her Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Music Education from Concordia University, Ann Arbor, MI in 2007. During her time there, she also was involved in various art projects, including painting scenery for theater events, designing concert programs for the music department, and painting the Spiritual Life Committee’s yearly banner, which hung in the campus chapel for daily services. She also currently paints the banner for the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League annual theme, which hangs in the narthex at Holy Cross Lutheran Church.

While in her She Cave at home in Nine Mile Falls, with the support of her husband and ‘help’ from their two dogs, four cats, and chinchilla, Heather has since branched out into different mediums, including alcohol inks, calligraphy, and glass mosaic work. She teaches these classes for Cross My Art, along with other painting classes, such as bottle painting. All of this plus a full-time job as a Lead Background Investigator and fulfillment of crochet orders keeps Heather quite busy, but she considers herself very blessed with all the opportunities God has given her to be creative!

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Mike Von Behren

Mike Von Behren is pastor of Holy Cross Lutheran Church. He has a passion for connecting people to Jesus and finds the medium of art a fun way to do so. Although his formal schooling is in theology and not art, Mike enjoys participating in the programs of Cross My Art. He serves as part of the leadership team, writes many of the faith lessons, assists our art instructors with classes, and occasionally teaches classes for kids. Mike is also been instrumental in taking Cross My Art and its curriculum to the village of Gakona Alaska each year with a team of volunteers. 


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If you are artistically inclined (or even if you’re not) you can help others experience the joy of artistic expression! You can volunteer to teach a class, help with administration, organize supplies, or write in a suggestion of how you’d like to help.

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